Autumn Safety Concerns

Autumn Safety Tips

Rodenticides: in the Fall as rodents seek shelter from the cooler temperatures by attempting to move indoors. Rodenticides are highly toxic to pets—if ingested, the results could be fatal. If you must use these products, do so with extreme caution and put them in places inaccessible to your pets.

Look beyond the leaves. Fallen leaves that coat the ground can blanket sharp pebbles, burs, allergens and other substances you want your cat or dog to avoid. Keep a close eye on your pet for any signs of discomfort- especially after playing in a pile of fall foliage!

Coolant: Many people choose fall as the time to change their car's engine coolant.  Ethylene glycol-based coolants are highly toxic, so spills should be cleaned up immediately. Consider switching to propylene glycol-based coolants—though they aren't completely nontoxic, they are much less toxic than other engine coolant Skip the holiday treats. For your pet that is!

Holidays: Many of us indulge at Thanksgiving and Halloween. Remember that “treats” for humans may be lethal to pets, so avoid slipping your pet unhealthy, harmful or even poisonous foods like chocolate, poultry or pie. If you’re keen on offering your pet a reward or a “special occasion snack,” opt for treats formulated for pets.

Practice safe dog-walking at night. Remember that the days are shorter, and your evening walks with your dog maybe become darker. Plan for a safe stroll by adjusting your walk schedule accordingly or accessorizing your pet with reflective gear.  Stick to a familiar route in your neighborhood when walking after dusk.

Check your car: Cats sometimes sleep under the hood of the car. When the motor is started your pet may be injured. Bang loudly on the car hood before starting your car.Consider a jacket or a sweater when your dog goes outside.
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